Small Home, Big Style: Hello Little Bungalow

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday loves! Today I’m happy to be sharing the sweet little bungalow of my IG buddy, Jessica. The first time I saw a picture of her adorable house I was absolutely smitten. 

Picturesque, right!? I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in the Spring and Summer.  I was thrilled when Jessica agreed to let me share how she lives and loves in her small home.  Take it away Jessica:

Where/What city do you live in?
I live in downtown Weaverville, NC, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, right outside of Asheville. Downtown Weaverville is like a quaint little Mayberry. Lots of older homes in a walkable community. We walk to coffee shops and restaurants. The neighborhood kids all play between our yards, and in the summer we rotate backyard movie nights. It’s a true community in every sense of the word.
Who do you share your home with?
My husband, and our two young boys. Although in a small, tight knit community, where neighborhood children are always running through the house, and friends show up without any need of an invitation, it can feel like we share it with more than that. Which I love.
Do you own or rent?
We own our house. This April will be our third year here.
How many sq ft is your home?
Approximately 1650 sf. (650 of which is an upstairs attic conversion into a bathroom and play area)
What do you love most about small space living?
I like how it steers me towards living with less, which is something I really value. I can certainly get caught up in the desire for more from time to time, and living in a small space helps keep me focused on only bringing things into my home that serve a purpose, or have meaning to me.
What challenges have you faced?
 Sifting through clutter has always been a challenge. In a smaller home, I feel it gets out of hand a lot quicker, and I have yet to find a great system that works for our whole family. I also admittedly have an itty-bitty, tiny galley kitchen. Surprisingly, the space hasn’t bothered me as much as the need to make it feel more open, and less cut off from the dining area. I think having a good, open flow in smaller homes really helps everything feel more cohesive and connected, so I’m itching to tear down that kitchen wall and make a more open space!
Any unique storage solutions?
Storage can be an issue in a smaller home. You have to be really intentional with what takes up space. Furniture that serves multiple purposes is key. We recently bought the IKEA Moheda sectional pull-out sofa for our upstairs den space. It serves as both a sofa and a guest bed, and has an amazing full-length storage area underneath. Likewise, our buffet holds everything from cloth napkins to art supplies. Storage ottomans are also perfect for hiding toys in our smaller living room.
What’s your favorite room in your home?
Inside, I would say our living room. It feels cozy and inviting, and gets great afternoon light. I tend to think of our front porch as a room as well, since we spend so much time on it in warmer weather (and it’s actually larger than most of our interior rooms anyway). It’s the main place we congregate with friends, sip wine on summer evenings, and watch the kids run. It’s a very social neighborhood, so choosing to be on your front porch and engage with everyone walking by is important to us.
Do you every wish you had more space?
From time to time, yes. I imagine as we raise two teenage boys in this house that we may need to think of some creative, small-scale addition options (they currently share a room). However, we really want to keep with the style and intention of the house. It’s easy to get swept up in wanting more space, but ultimately, living small really suits the value’s of my family.
Best piece of small space living advice?
Surround yourself with intentional things that serve a purpose. Since there is less room for “stuff”, I think it’s easier to create a room that you really enjoy the look of, with just a few key pieces. Make sure those pieces work for your family’s lifestyle. And be creative; smaller homes can really showcase unique features and elements easily. Make your home yours!

I love that she optimizes on space by treating her porch as an extra room.  I imagine North Carolina summers must be perfect for porch culture.  Porches aren’t very common here and its one of the major things I miss about the south, well that and sweet tea and shrimp n grits.

Jessica just launched her blog this week so make sure you pop in and say hi. To see more pictures of her bungalow head over to her IG (@hellolittlebungalow).  Thank you so much for hanging out with me today Jessica.

Have a happy weekends loves.  Until next time….



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    Jessica has a whole lot of curb appeal going on. Loved reading every word of what she said. It all resonated with me — especially the part about clutter getting out of hand if you don’t keep on top of it. It is so nice to have an excuse NOT to buy things — because to put it simply, there is not room. 🙂

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    So happy to see Hello Little Bungalow here! What a cute house. Sometimes I get frustrated with a small house but the upside is SO much better!! Loving this series as always!

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    What a cute little house! I love how she said they can walk to coffee shops and restaurants and have a real sense of community. I think I want to move there and join in on the summer movie nights, how fun!