Sale Pending

Hi Everyone!!


That’s pretty much what y’all have been hearing from the blog for the past few day. I know, I know. Bad blogger.  I’m sorry loves, but I have a really good reason for my absence. 

We’ve got a buyer!! Two and a half weeks, and multiple offers after listing we are officially in escrow with a close date of Apr 30! We are incredibly happy and a bit shocked at how fast it all went down. Now the hard part begins, at least in my opinion. We have to get through appraisals and inspections and all the other little things that make the real estate world go round.

Not gonna lie guys: I have fears. I think I have the typical worries most sellers have, though. What if something goes wrong at inspection? What if there’s an issue during appraisal? What if the buyer changers their mind and walks? I know for the most part these fears are irrational, but things have been known to happen. 

With this being said: Ish just got real loves!  Its go time and by go I mean packing, finding a temporary place in the interim (most likely and apartment), finding a new home, going through the buying process, and moving again.  Oh and we will be taking a break for a week during spring break so that’s even less time we have to get stuff done. Phew!

Our goals to downsize our home and upsize our lives are well under way and we could be happier.  I’m so glad you all are here to share in it with us. My motto of the year is in full effect: here’s to new adventures!  I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.

Tomorrow I’ve got a great Small Home Big Style feature to share.  Until then…..



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    Contrats on the fast sale. Glad property values in the area are going up although I’m not going to sell until they take me out feet first or to the assisted living facility! Don’t envy you moving twice, I sold a house once and hadn’t found another one so rented a house which caused me to find the one I was to buy right down the street. Anyway, when you move twice you find out how little you need to live. We lined up all the boxes in the extra bedrooms in rows like a warehouse and only opened what we needed for the 4 months we ended up living there. Guess what, only opened 5 boxes (mostly kitchen). Granted, only 2 of us and no kids, so only really needed a pot and pan and paper plates.

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    Thrilled for you, but not surprised you sold it quickly. I’m sure folks walked in, took a look around, and thought, *I want live in this gorgeous house!*

    Looking forward to yours news about finding a new house. Since I imagine things are going to get a little crazy, I hope I can send along some advice to take a bit of a break — if you need to. And in the meantime, would be happy to be part of your series if that might give you more time for packing, moving, and looking!

  3. Anonymous says

    Congratulations, but really no surprise as lovely as you have made your home. If I was looking for a home in your neck of the woods I would have jumped at the chance to buy yours. It’s too bad you didn’t already have a permanent home to move to but everything will work out in the end. Hope the rest of your sale process goes smoothly.

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    Just fantastic news!! Lots of deep breaths. The inspection stuff nearly drove me to the breaking point. There’s just so much BS “negotiating” that tends to happen and I got so annoyed with how fake everything seemed from all parties (buyers, brokers). Actually the week of our move half broke me…but you won’t be moving in 2 feet of snow 🙂

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    I am so excited for you. I am ready to follow along. The whole escrow process has me so baffled. I don’t consider a house sold until after one minute after escrow is d.o.n.e.