The Hunt Begins

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday loves!  I hope you all don’t mind me taking a break from our usual Small Home Big Style post today. SHBS will be back next week…promise. Today I thought Id share the beginnings of our house hunting adventures with you.

I had several people email me and comment that they hoped I would share photos of the houses we look at on our search for our next home. It could be sorta like House Hunters: A Home Full Of Color Edition.  I thought it was a great idea so here we are.

Now, those of you who have ever gone through the house buying process knows it can be a roller coaster ride.  Properties come, go, and get snatched up within hours of coming on the market at times.  There may be multiple offer situations and heartbreaking losses that happen on this journey, and since I’m all about keeping things authentic I’ll be sharing it all with you guys: the good, bad, and ugly. Well, most of the ugly.  If we see something we know isn’t even a possibility I won’t waste my time or yours.

Earlier this week we went out for our first round of searching. 

House #1 aka {Bungalow w/ Potential}
Built 1954
1171 sq ft
3 bd  1 ba



We thought this little bungalow was really cute and filled with character. We thought it had great curb appeal and we loved the gorgeous hardwoods and original built ins. We also appreciated that central HVAC is already installed. On the negative end, the backyard isn’t as large as we’d like, and Naomi is a bit wary of the detached garage. Even still, it had tons of potential so we put it on our short list.

House #2 aka {Odd Addition House}
Built 1954
1134 sq ft
3 bd 1 ba


Again, this house had great original details. The hardwoods were beautiful and each room had awesome built ins. We also liked the garden-like set up of the yard, but the addition is just wrong!  It was clearly added on sometime in the 70’s (id guess) and I felt like it just completely threw off the flow of the house.

All in all I think it was a good start.  It was fun getting to explore a new neighborhood, and I loved seeing things that are the complete opposite than our current house.
We’re excited to see what else is out there.  I’ll keep you guys posted.
Happy weekend loves! Until next time…




  1. says

    Love the porch on house number one and the gorgeous light filled living room with the wood floors in house number 2. What’s the housing market like in Sac? Can you sit on these or will they be gone soon?

  2. says

    There can be so many ups and downs in home buying, I hope this process goes well for your family and you don’t have to deal with any of the crappy stuff! Even with a funky layout I think a two car garage would win me over! And that yard!! Loving the second option!

  3. Anonymous says

    I liked both homes, but the 2nd house seemed to have more light…but the photos may have been taken at different times of the day. Both homes had beautiful floors and I loved the yard in the first home. I too am house hunting and I hope your experience is not as frustrating as mine has been. Keep posting the photos it is so interesting seeing what you come up with.

  4. says

    I’m super in love with house number one, but your journey has just begun so I’m trying not to be to biased. Looking forward to seeing more pictures 🙂 of the next homes your visit 🙂

  5. says

    Oh how I remember those days. It was fun dreaming and imagining our family in each house we toured. Thanks for taking us along. I enjoyed the first house. The floors and built in are great!