Small Home Big Style: Hand Grown in New Hampshire

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Happy Friday and Happy Spring my dears.  Its been busy around these parts this week, so I stepped away from the blog to get some things done.  On top of a few upcoming deadlines, this was parent-teacher conference week at my son’s school so that means half days for my 6 year old.  While I love having my little guy around, that meant a change in my usual daily schedule.

So, I came across this great house tour on Country Living’s website and just HAD to share it with you guys.  This humble home is a mere 1000 sq ft, but it is full of color, and life, and beautiful simplicity.  While the style isn’t necessarily one I’m typically drawn to, I love that its filled with charm and the homeowners unique tastes. Set off the beaten path and surrounded by acres of beautiful landscape, the interior is highly influenced by the gardens grown by the homeowner. There’s so much to love about this home, so lets take a look:



From the terracotta floors, to the golden toned trim, to the daybed nook, to the avocado hued cabinets, its all just so good.  I love that he added a copper plate to the back of the stove since its exposed.  Great idea, right!? I bet the patina is just gorgeous.  He even runs a small business selling fresh veggies and flowers from his gardens.  Just plop your cash in a coffee jar and grab your bag o’ veggies or bouquet on your way out.:)

 I love it so much. Head over the CL website for the full story and to see more. 

Have a great weekend my friends.  I’ll be busy working on a few DIY’s for this years Home Depot  Style Challenge. I’m really excited about it and will be sharing more with you guys next week:)  Until next time loves…..


*All images via Country Living


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    I feel like this is one of those homes that you see in a movie and day dream about living in and your life there. Is that weird? A lot of my favorite movies are because I like the homes and decor and not necessarily the story line. Happy Friday!!