Small Home Big Style: Cabin Fever

Hi Everyone!

Guess what day it is!!!? No its not Hump Day, but I was thinking…why isn’t there a super awesome commercial for Friday?  I mean, isn’t that the whole hype about Wednesday? That its the segway into the last leg of the week before we reach the weekend?  I say Friday gets its own talking animal commercial and I say the mascot be a giraffe. Sound good?!

Happy Friday loves. By now you all know of my torrid love affair with small space living.  I get out right giddy over well designed humble homes and cleverly executed storage solutions, but when is “small” a little too small? Is there such a thing?

For a while now I’ve been captivated by the concept of the “Tiny House Movement”.  Its fascinating what can be done with next to no space at all. When we first started discussing the idea of downsizing I thought of all the tiny house dwellers and I just imagined,  My gah, a family of 5 living comfortably in 600 sqft? I don’t know, guys…how could this possibly be? Somehow people are doing it everyday and its just plain incredible. There’s one lovely lady and her family, in particular, who absolutely blow my mind. 

If you guys aren’t aware of who Carmella is, she’s nothing short of amazing.  I discovered her blog long ago and have been pretty much obsessed since.  Her family’s story of how they came to live in their tiny cabin is inspiring and so is her beautiful home.  Guys, she has 3 boys and a dog, and they make life happen in a mere 665 sqft!! She’s my hero.





Amazing. That is all.  I almost died when I learned her black counter tops is just chalkboard painted plywood sealed with a couple coats of wax.  Freakin genius!  They look like soapstone to me. And don’t even get me started on the boys bedroom loft…again, genius.

How can you not imagine the possibilities with inspiration like this?  This just solidifies my belief of Less House, More Home.  Though I’m about 99.99% sure Naomi would never approve of a home quite this small, it’s really great to see. 

So tell me…could you live in a tiny house?  Do you think its just plain crazy?  I think I might be somewhere in the middle. Until next time loves….


*All images via assortment blog.


  1. says

    This family must be super close! I’m not sure if I could survive in a space that small with that many people and an animal- Carmella is a champ!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow, what a great little cabin, and yet it looks so spacious. Thank you for the heads up.

  3. says

    Wowww. Thank you for introducing her to me! Haven’t seen her before but this is such an inspiration. When we finally settle down we plan on living similarly and this just reiterates to us that its a fine idea. We notice that us and all of our animals tend to corral in the same space -the living room- for 90% of the day. We even eat on the couch [the horror] although thats something we hope to change once we have kids. So excited to live a simpler life! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. says

    What an awesome feature! As a lover of small living, this is so well done, and so inspirational! I’m pinning every one of these images!

  5. says

    I just wonder….where do the clothes go? Third boy bed? It could be a little tight up there when those boys grow to 6′. Love it for a weekend get away, but not everyday.

  6. says

    We lived in a 1300 sqft house when we were first married and after our first was born and I was going crazy. It felt like we needed more space. But that was before I knew the world of possibilities out there for smart design and storage. In this house we have an entire living and dining room we barely use. And a basement full of toys we don’t need. I could totally be convinced to downsize to the right space with a great layout.