Patio Style Challenge

Hi Everyone!

I’m a little behind  on this announcement guys, but I’m so so excited about it.  I’ll be participating in this years Home Depot Style Challenge!

Eeek!  I mean…HELLO! Do you see that participant list!  So much talent, right.  I literally almost died when it was revealed and I saw that I was alongside so many people that I’ve been stalking, er, reading for years. Justina has been such a ridiculous source of inspiration for me.  Her Jungalow is pretty much a little slice of heaven. 

When I was invited to participate I was incredibly shocked and elated, and soon started putting together a design plan.  Y’all know I’ve got a few challenges I’m faced with on this one. First there’s the space restraints.  My patio space is like postage stamp size, so I’ll definitely be focusing the design around maximizing space and infusing as much style as possible into a limited footprint.  The other challenge I’m faced with is that I can’t really make any permanent changes to the space, so I kinda put myself in the position of a renter and really challenged my self to find creative solutions to some issues non homeowners face. 

Last year’s Patio Challenge spaces were so so good and they definitely set the bar high.

Guess I should get on that! I’m looking forward to sharing my space with guys.  Until next time….



  1. Anonymous says

    Wow…that is fantastic and with your good taste your project should be a winner.