Operation Kitchen Makeover Phase 3: The New Faucet

Hi Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Earlier this month marked the 2 year anniversary of us living in our colorful home!  Exciting times!  Though we may have celebrated this milestone by happily dancing around the house in our pj’s and preparing to install a new back splash, our house decided to celebrate this milestone by springing a leak. 


I was washing the dishes when I kept hearing the sound of what I assumed was leaking water.  And what did I find when I looked under the sink to investigate? 

Doh!!! Just as I suspected.  Good times……
After checking all the plumbing fixtures I realized the source of the “situation” was traced back to the faucet.  We were in need of a new one anyway, but this really just put the proverbial nail in the coffin.  It was a done deal.  The best thing to come out of this mess is the fact that I didn’t actually have to try to convince Naomi that we needed a new one.  The proof was in the puddles, my friends. 
I already knew which faucet we were getting because I had scoped it out a year ago before we started our little kitchen revamp.  We chose a modern/industrial coil style faucet for the job.  After researching several different faucets and looking all over the place, we opted to order ours through Overstock.  We looked at our local big box stores, Ikea, even specialty shops and this was the most affordable option we found for the quality we were wanting.  Here’s what we chose.
During my recent quarantine our faucet arrived so in the midst of the back splash installation we went ahead a tackled replacing the faucet as well.  If you’ve never ordered from Overstock I would highly recommend them based on this particular experience.  The price was right, (especially compared to the other sources we scoped out for this same style), shipping was fast,  and the product far exceeded our expectations.  It is so much better in person than the photo gives it credit for.  This was snapped 3.7 seconds after FedEx dropped it off!
I couldn’t wait for Naomi to get home so we could get this beauty installed.  Here’s a look at the old, not so reliable, not so pretty faucet
 And here’s the new, way more reliable, super scrumptious one

One word: Fantabulectiful.  Yes, I did just make one word out of like 5 but, seriously, is there any other way to describe it?  
We love it.  It was super easy to install and it took us only like 15 minutes.  No exaggeration!  The hardest (and most time consuming) part was figuring out how to turn our damn water off.  Not our best hour, but we figured it out.  Instead of our water line being controlled by a knob underneath the sink, apparently all our water lines are located in one central location in the garage like so
Duly noted.  Anyway.  There’s yet another project to cross off the kitchen redo list.  Next up we’ve gotta find bar stools, lighting, rugs, and I’m looking for a vintage brass console table to go on the chalkboard wall.  Wish me luck.
So what did you do over the weekend?  Anything exciting?  Did you also discover your water lines are hanging out in your garage walls?  Until next time…


  1. Kathie says

    I’m a newcomer too and just love your work! Can you tell me the brand and model of your faucet?

  2. Sheree Kaplan says

    I am a newcomer to your site and absolutely love it! Can you tell me what brand or model your faucet is?

  3. says

    Love it!! It looks fantastic, I love Overstock too and the shipping price always makes me a happy girl, lol 🙂

    • says

      Thanks chica! Yeah i was really impressed with the whole Overstock experience. Ill definitely have to use them again