Organize Me Pretty

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Happy Friday my friends.  Well now, look at that lineup, eh!  Organize Me Pretty is the inspiration brainchild of the talented Ursula of Home Made By Carmona, and I’m both intimidated as heck, and honored to be part of it.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ursula at Haven this year and Im so glad I did.  She is so sweet and  I just love her home.

Ok yall, so here’s the deal.  You see that group of ladies up there?  Yeah…. umm… they’ve all got their stuff together in a majorly beautiful way.  The last couple weeks have been inspiration overload and I cant wait to apply some of their tips into my own space. Im feeling a little outta my league here.  As most of you know, almost every room in our house is either mid renovation or has boxes piled in a corner that still need to be unpacked. For those of you joining me for the first time, let me catch you up to speed.  We recently sold our newer construction builder basic  4 bed 3 ba house and downsized in to a little old  2 bed 1 ba cottage bungalow built sometime in the early 1940s. We are still trying to get our bearings so needless to say there aren’t very many organized spaces around these parts as of yet!

Downsizing has been an absolutely amazing experience so far, and I couldn’t be happier with our decision. Small space living has always had a special place in my heart and Ive embraced our smaller quarters with a happy heart and an open mind.  We cut our square footage in half in the move and the entryway was affected more than any other space..well aside from the dining room. In our previous house we had 2 entry areas…The main front door entry, and our daily entry off the garage through the laundry room.  The bungalow has one entry. Through the front door. And its tiny.  In fact, its more of a pass through/nook rather with no dedicated foyer are and then you’re immediately in the living room.


Having two school age kids, a dog, and an ever revolving door for friends and neighbors, this tiny space is like Grand Central Station.  Its functionality is the key to smooth mornings and decent first impressions.  I’m a major maximalist, but I’m working really hard to keep it as clutter free as possible, so this area is pretty paired down as far as decorating goes

A small plant, lamp, simple leaning art, and a bowl to corral keys are pretty much all that fits atop the shoe cabinet.




Inside the top drawer mail is kept out of sight and  a small basket holds our puppies essentials.




The top shoe cubby holds me and Naomi’s shoes. This is where we keep what we currently grab to wear on pretty much a daily basis to run errands, etc.  These get rotated out as the seasons change. All of our other shoes (heels, boots, etc) are in our room closet.




The lower cubby is for the kids.  Same thing applies here….cleats, shin guards, flip flops, quick slide on shoes live here. School shoes and the like are kept in their room closets.

Again, it’s not glamorous, but its a breath of fresh air to have an area that functions so well.  Especially when its the first and last area of the house you encounter as you enter and exit.

Another small bit of organizing I’ve tackled is with my magazines. Im crazy obsessed with glossies.  Pinterest is amazing, but Ill forever be faithful to my monthly editions.  I typically keep them in small stacks throughout….on the coffee table, in bookcases, on the desk, on the nightstand…Drives Naomi bananas!



DSC_0582 (2)

Lets see… my kitchen is a hot mess, Im missing cabinet fronts, a section of countertop, our bedroom is missing a door, and my poor sons room has color swatches painted all over his ceilings, but Ive got my magazines! #priorities. Don’t judge.

Speaking of kitchens, that was was one of my favorite spaces in our previous home.


Im on  #teamopenshelving and having everything neatly within arms reach was so wonderful.  We’ve incorporated open shelving into our bungalow kitchen as well, and I cant wait to get it completed.

We are enjoying the process of living small, and though organization has never really been my strength, Im embracing it. Make sure you all check out the other organized spaces on the tour. They’re really good guys.


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A Cheerful Welcome

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday loves!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

I have a Shavonda fun fact for you today guys: Im a total front door person. I love them.  One of my favorite things to do is to drive or walk through neighborhoods looking at houses, and I always notice the front door first. I  feel like you can tell a lot about a home just by looking at the front door, and when I come across a really fun colored front door it always makes me smile.

Our front door, on the other hand, #notsomuch. When we purchased our little bungalow we knew we’d eventually want to replace the front door. The current one is fine, but we would like something with a little more architectural detail.


In the interim I planned on giving it a fun makeover via paint like we did in our last house, so when the folks at Modern Masters asked if Id be interested in trying out their front door paint I was completely on board.

I was introduced to Modern Masters over the summer when I attend Haven Conference. I fell in love with their front door paint while I was there, so I was excited to try it out for myself.  The first thing I was attracted to about the line is the color selection. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from. I wanted a bright pop of color to greet guests so I was immediately drawn to the apple green color of Fortunate.  Naomi, on the other hand, was not!  She liked the idea of a fun color, but she was thinking something more in the coral family. Keeping in mind our plans to have the house painted grey in the spring, we used their handy front door app to help us we narrow down our choices between Energetic and Cheerful.  In the end we chose Cheerful, and we love it.


I originally wanted a lighter, summery coral color so I was sent Cheerful and Hopeful to create a custom color


Once I painted on a sample swatch I really loved the color as is, so I just used Cheerful alone. I painted this door using the same process as before.  I removed the door from the hinges and gave it a good cleaning with warm, soapy water. Since door was black I brushed on a light coat of primer before painting. I also opted to update the current hardware with spray paint, so I spray primed that as well.


Once the primer dried I moved on to color.  The existing doorbell is a hammered finish so I took my cue from that and used my favorite black hammered spray paint for the hardware and toekick. Just as I did before, I sprayed the hardware right in place



After just once coat the door was already looking really good.


After 2 hours I brushed on a second coat and that was that.  Once the door was dry  I reinstalled the toekick, rehung the door, and carefully cleaned up excess paint around the glass panes with a  razor.

The previous light was small and dated, so I swapped it out with this one I picked up from Home Depot. I liked the cottage feel of it.


I also sprayed it to match the hardware.

A colorful rug, succulents, and a few seasonal touches round out the space.





Overall I really like the paint.  It was easy to use, gave great color payoff and coverage, and it only took a few hours to complete from start to finish. A little goes a long way with this paint so one quart was more than enough tackle the project.

I would like to add that I  wish they offered the paint in a glossier finish as well. I typically prefer the front door in either a semi or high gloss finish and this is in satin. The satin is  a beautiful, soft look which probably appeals to more people, but I just really like the look of a glossy door. Plus I find them to be easier to wipe/wash down. This formula promise to never fade so the color should be just as vivid years from now.

I love the way the coral compliments the teal walls inside


Front Door Paint is available at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardwares, as well as online via Amazon or the Modern Masters online shop

Have you painted your front door lately? If its on your to do list, Ive got a giveaway coming up next week just for you! Until next time…



*I was provided two quarts of front door paint for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own






Rug Swap

Hi Everyone!


We have a new living room rug and I absolutely love it. Like love-love it. One of my dear friends texted me weeks ago and said she had a rug that needed a new home and she thought it was just my style. She and I attended design school together, so she has a pretty good handle on what I’m drawn to.  I told her I planned on layering rugs in the living room so she shot me over a picture of it to see if I was interested. I immediately knew it would be perfect. We were finally able to connect last week and It was even better in person.

Now y’all know I’m not a fan of chevron, (and if you didn’t…now you do) but this has a herringbone effect to it which gives it a global feel to me.  I love the deep navy color which I think looks amazing with the  teal walls.



I love the overdye that was in here, but I always felt the color tone was slightly off in this space.  It was a little too turquoise against the wall color.


It has since moved into the master bedroom and it looks great it there.

This space is coming together slowly but surely.  Ive got my eye on a few new pieces including a new coffee table and a sofa.  We’ve been on the hunt for a sofa for over two years now.  Im so over it.  And now that we’ve downsized we are faced with a new set of considerations, like whether or not to go with a sleeper sofa since we no longer have a dedicated guest room. Really, I just need the sofa fairy to drop one off while im out one day.  This could take another two years.

Until next time….