Fab Find: Nightstands

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday loves. Ever since I prematurely sold our nightstands in our big purge sale, I’ve been on a manic hunt for replacements. I knew it was going to be an uphill battle due to the space limitations on either side of our headboard.  We were working with a mere 21″ and it wasn’t looking pretty. We had been using a garden stool on my side and an extra dining chair on Naomi’s, and we were in serious need of a more permanent solution….preferably one with some storage…..oh and they had to be really, really affordable since we had splurged on a custom closet in this space. I took to Craigslist, thrift stores, and garage sales in hopes of getting lucky.  Things weren’t looking so good until I ran across this ad on CL yesterday:


Lets see: a pair of campaign nightstands for $20 that just happened to be 19″ wide….YES PLEASE! I didn’t have high hopes here, guys.  I was fully expecting them to be in bad shape for that price, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see they were in really great used condition.  The drawers worked well,  they were solid wood construction with a wood grain veneer on the exterior,  and the hardware was gorgeous. They would need a tiny bit of work, but I planned to paint them anyway.  SOLD.



I’m not quite sure what color I’m going to paint them yet. It’ll depend on what color we decide to paint the bedroom walls. I know yall didn’t think I was actually keeping them beige did you? Seriously!? Naomi likes the thought of either navy or charcoal for the walls…something inky. In that case I’m inclined to go for something fun like fuchsia or chartreuse on the nightstands….then again I may stick with a neutral.

Who knows?  Right now I’m just happy I was able to find just what we needed for practically nothing. I love a good Craigslist score.  Have you scored anything awesome lately? Happy weekend friends. Until next time….








The Bungalow Kitchen: Progess

Hi Everyone!

Oh hey there Thursday, I heart you. You mean we are really, really close to the weekend…which is always a good thing.  Today im here to share a bit  more kitchen progress with you.  Nothing major, but our lower cabinets finally have door fronts and I even managed to get them painted.



I went with my go to paint for cabinets again here: Benjamin Moore Aura.  I chose the color “Black” in semi gloss finish. I’ve learned that black has a tendency to turn ashy when scratched or marked, and I needed a finish that I could wipe the crap out of without the fear of compromising the color. With two kids, a dog, a small space, and the fact that I cook at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week, these cabinets will see plenty of wear. Honestly I love the look of high gloss cabinetry and would’ve chosen that, but Aura doesn’t come in high gloss. If you like Benjamin Moore products, and would want a high gloss finish,  you could go with Advance, which is another really really great option for cabinetry.  I used it in our last kitchen revamp.

I gave the door fronts a coat of my got to primer (Zinsser BIN 1-2-3), then moved on to paint



I stepped out of my comfort zone on this part of the project and decided to try out spraying the doors rather than brushing them.  Ive had the HomeRight Finish Max sprayer since before we decided to downsize and have been waiting for a project to test it out on.


It was really easy to use…..more than I anticipated actually.  I practiced on scrap wood to get comfortable with the machine and spray patterns before moving on to the cabinets. The whole process took me all of 20 minutes per coat to paint them all



The Finishmax calls for your paint to be thinned to a curtain consistency in order to get the best results.  Aura paint CAN NOT be thinned. I read the manufacturers recommendations and called my local retailer to verify this before making the decision to move forward using it without thinning.  The paint is of great quality and sprayed just fine without issue.

So what are my overall thoughts…the FinishMax is awesome. Seriously.  It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and totally changes the game for me in terms of painting projects. Now, with that being said, If I could go back and do it over again would I still use it: No, not for this project. But, Shavonda you just said it was awesome and you loved it. Yes, I did, and I do….but I don’t like a factory finished look on my kitchen cabinets.

Yes, I realize that sounds weird and bonkers. But, its true and its my preference. I loooooved the look of my hand painted cabinetry in our old house.  I love the control of using a brush. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to certain things, and this is one of them. I love the feel of what a great brush and quality paint looks like on cabinetry.  I love the imperfection of the process and, the handcrafted look of the end result.  Now This doesn’t mean I don’t love the sight of a brand new kitchen. Who doesn’t love that!  I think in this case because we didn’t choose to completely gut and start over, Im not going for a brand new kitchen look.

Plus, I really suck at spraying!  I managed to get through the cabinet doors just fine, but there are a few small areas that are driving me a little mad.


I would definitely use the Finish Max on other projects like smaller furniture pieces, chairs, etc.

Up next we have to get the toe kick installed, and decide on hardware.  I know for sure its gonna be copper. Just not sure of the exact style yet. Oh and we were able to find a slab of butcher block for the corner cabinet. One of our neighbors is a master woodworker and has had a slab of maple block in his shop for years just waiting for a purpose. They had us over for dinner recently and learned of our need for one.  Without hesitation he said if it fits, its ours.  It just so happened to be the perfect size. He’s getting it prepped now and we should have it soon.  Although the Ikea block is beech, the color is really similar and honestly I don’t care about the difference. This making of home in our little bungalow is a creation of intention and love, and there’s nothing more endearing than the love and generosity of neighbor. Cant wait to get it in place.

Until next time friends…


*I was provided the Finish Max sprayer eons ago. The procrastination in using it along with all opinions about it are 100% mine! You should seriously get one because it really is awesome.

Design Delimma: This or That

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday loves.  We’ve come to a crossroads guys.  As you know, we’ve been actively searching for a new sofa for a while now. And by a while I mean over 2 years.  Its a sad state of a affairs this indecision.  I’m not gonna lie guys, I’m afraid to make the wrong choice.  A sofa, especially a great one, is a major financial and visual investment.  And when I consider the fact that we now have only one living space, it makes the decision even more crucial to get right. This thing has to have it all:  comfort, ease of maintenance, holding power, and serious style.

Stylistically we’ve managed to narrow it down to two options:

This OR That

We love them both for various reasons. They are both classic and timeless in terms of design which means they have major staying power, and with the way I like to shake things up this is a good thing. The chester has had my heart for years and years, so that’s a major draw toward it.  I recently sat on one and was surprised at how comfortable it is.  I like that the arms and back are a bit lower since it’ll be sitting in front of the window. To me the chester feels more casual and relaxed while the tuxedo style, on the other hand, is super sexy. It offers a more tailored look, and I feel like it would add instant sophistication to the room. I cant attest to the comfort because I’ve never sat in one. We both love that neither one has back cushions. NEVER AGAIN IN LIFE.

Either one could work. Id love your input guys.  Any chester or tuxedo sofa owners out there? Until next time…