A Beautiful Switch

Hi Everyone

Lets talk about the cottage bungalow’s light switch and outlet situation for a minute. Almost every single switch was well lets just say…interesting.  It was one of those things that I knew we would eventually address, but it wasn’t super high on the ol’ to-update list.  That was until the lovely folks at LeGrand reached out to me and asked if id take a gander at their Adorne line of switches, outlets, and wall plates. I had never heard of Adorne before, but it took all of two seconds browsing their website for me to be fully on board.

I loved how modern and versatile their switches and plates are.  The possibilities are endless, especially since you can fully customize the plates to include whatever material you’d like. To update our switches I chose a variety including the Push Switch, Paddle Switch, Whisper Dimmer, and Pop Out outlets. I originally planned for the Sensaswitch for Michael’s room, but our old house has old wiring and it wasn’t compatible.  The Sensaswitch would be a great option in a kids room though, as it automatically shuts the lights off when it no longer detects movement in the room. No more having to remind little fingers to turn off the lights!

Once I received them they were seriously sooooooo easy to install. They came with easy to follow instructions and I was able to tackle this project solo. One of the best things about the Adorne products is that they fit your current openings and its as easy as taking out your old switch and popping in the new one.  And for those of you who are visual, the site had how to videos to guide you through installation. I did run into problems when installing the pop out outlet only because our current outlet boxes are a tad too small to fit them.  They require a minimum box size of 22.5 cubic inches and ours are juuuust shy of that. #oldhouseproblems.  It shouldn’t take too much to have the box switched out.

In the dining room I went with the whisper dimmer.  I love a dimmer in a dining space.  It’s perfect for setting the mood when entertaining. I chose white for the switch and white for the plate.

 DSC_0038 DSC_0119

For Bry’s room she chose a white push switch with turquoise plate to “go with her blue ceiling”.  Her walls still need to be painted, and ton of work needs to still happen in there as well.  She wants white walls and Im refusing! I mean really? Does this girl not know who her momma is? I don’t do white walls.  Yes, its her room, but that’s neither here nor there. Im trying to convince her that what she really wants is a light grey that kinda looks a little white:)

DSC_0040 DSC_0125


For Michael’s room I chose a push switch in magnesium with a mirror black wall plate. Im planning black accents throughout his room once I get to tackling it. His room needs a ton of work.

DSC_0041 DSC_0134

With the bungalow to-do list a mile long its nice to have one of the smaller projects done. Every bit helps and this was a needed refresh. If you guys are in need of an update to your light switches, or outlets definitely give Adorne some serious consideration.  They are affordable and super customizable.  I mean you can even customize your plate with fabric, paint, wallpaper, leather, etc.

Ill leave you with this neat video. I must warn you though, you may end up wanting to update allll the switches!

Until next time friends….


*LeGrand graciously provided me with the switches, plates, and outlets for review. All opinions are explicitly my own.


Tie Die

Hi Everyone!

So I ran across a couple of images on Pinterest the other day and they’ve got me thinking about tie dye and indigo…





The later picture I actually saw months ago in a summer issue of House Beautiful.  I remember when I read the article I was immediately drawn to those gorgeous vivid blue tie dye chairs.  They are so striking and playful, yet they look chic and sophisticated in this space.  The whole house is gorgeous actually.  The white walls throughout totally fade away against the wonderful color in each room.

Seeing these spaces has me thinking of bringing some tie dye into the bungalow. I recently won a Instagram contest with Rugs Direct and I have some store credit so I went browsing for some options there.  Im loving these

 aga06 aga05 aga04-1

Jaipur Rugs Agua Asgar

aga03 aga02 aga01

Jaipur Rugs Agua Madhu

Our living room has been the backdrop of a bit of rug roulette since we moved in, and while I’ve liked the ones I’ve introduced to the space already, neither has worked for us for various reasons. I’ve been on the hunt for something more fitting and my initial plan was for a vintage kilim.  Then I snapped back to reality and realized that’s not even gonna happen in my house.  Not while Callie is still in full on puppy mode. So I moved on to plan B: something kinda fun.  I think I like the more ombre effect style better for our space and I’m immediately drawn to the yellow.  I think it could look great with the moody teal walls.  I do, however, love the indigo rug as well.  If we had neutral walls Id be all over it. I mean, any  one of these could be amazing in a kids room, or home office, or dining room, or really any space in need of a pop of color and a bit of whimsy. And although my house is definitely not in need of pops of color,  I just love the idea of adding in another visual and textural layer. We are saving up for a couple really classic pieces (a chesterfield and spindle chair) and I think something like this will be a great juxtaposition paired with them.

What do you guys think? Are you liking tie dye in interiors? Until next time…


Thinking Ahead: Youre Invited

Hi Everyone!

Happy Sunday loves!  So how odd is this, right?  A Sunday post. Hear me out. I usually keep things really light around here, but this post isn’t design related…well I guess it can be in a sense.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking loves. A lot of reflecting. A lot of planning to make big changes in the near future. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that as of late I’ve been posting a lot about life on a grander scale. I don’t talk about my believe system, and I wont go too deeply into here today, but I will say that I believe each of us has the power to live beyond our wildest dreams.  My children teach me this lesson everyday.  I look at my babies and see how they walk through life full of creativity and joy.  Their lens for endless possibility has not yet been fogged by life. They believe with all their hearts that they can do and be whatever they dream.  I look at them and want more than anything that as they grow they follow their passions and walk in the life of their dreams. Then I stop and wonder, when did I stop walking in mine? Did I ever really start?

With the Holiday season in full swing it’s also a reminder that the new year is fast approaching.  I believe in the practice of “write it down, make it happen”, and every year for the past several years on New Years Eve I take some time to tuck away and write down my goals for the upcoming year.  I’m mindful and specific in doing so and I write down the things I aspire to achieve in all aspects of my life….from my marriage, friendships, my relationship with my children, finances, work, home, etc. Normally after I write them down I close my eyes and visualize them, internalize them, and tuck my list safely away.

Yesterday I was picking up a few things at Target and while waiting in the checkout line I glanced over and noticed the cover of the January issue of Essence Magazine


Now while the gorgeous cover girl Keke Palmer looks amazing, (little miss Akeelah and the Bee is all grown up, right!) it wasn’t her that grabbed my attention.  It was the words “Step Into Your Power!…Go After Your Dream Life” that did it.

As I browsed through the pages there’s one article in particular that really spoke to me. It was about creating vision boards and using them to help manifest change in your life. In particular, there was a great suggestion to host a girls night vision board party.  I thought this was an amazing idea!  I reached out to my dear friend Lakeitha, and suggested we host one via social media on New Years Ever. I figured what better way to usher in the New Year than by creating a roadmap of goals and aspirations for the future. Lakeitha has been a major beacon of inspiration for me this past year.  She is the epitome of what it means to take charge of your life and live in your truth.  Not only has she taken her business, Wrist Soiree, to new levels of success, she’s also lost over 100 pounds in the last year! Shes so motivating and positive and her energy is contagious.

While I’ve heard of making vision boards, I’ve never actually created one. I’ve always just been content with my ritual of writing things down and tucking them away.  I can see the power in them though.  Its one thing to have a list of what you want to refer to, but its a completely different thing to have a visual guide of it in plain view. It serves to keep you grounded and intentional with your decisions.  It makes you encounter everyday with the question “what am I doing today, in this moment to work toward my goals?”.

And so I invite you to join us at our Vision Board Insta Party. All day on New Years Eve Id love to see your vision boards on Instagram.  Tag both Lakeitha and I (@lakeitha_duncan, and @ahomefullofcolor), and use the hashtag #visioninstyle when you upload it. Be creative, let your personality really shine here guys.  It can be as big or as small as you’d like.  Use pictures, quotes, words, etc to creatively help you put your visions into focus. Make it relevant to all aspects of your life: career, home, family, travel, fitness, relationships. The possibilities are endless. Place it somewhere you’ll see it everyday.  Perhaps in your dressing area or closet, in your office, your bedroom…wherever.

Over the past year I’ve had people close to me lose loved ones: a wife her husband, a mother her child, and it really makes you aware of life in a sense that you just never know what will happen.  Everyday is precious and we aren’t promised the next.  I challenge you to let go of fears, and doubts, and walk in the life of your dreams, whatever that may be.  Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do, but have been told will never work.  Find your passion and live in it.  Lets encourage one another to reach for the stars. Help one another when we wander from those goals.

This blog has brought me massive amounts of joy since I started it almost 3 years ago, and in the next year expect to see some major changes.  I’m really excited about them, and I hope they are well received.

Heres to a future of change and living your best life! Until next time….