#SwapItLikeItsHot 2.0

Hi Everyone!

Tell me guys, is there anything better than finding the perfect little doodad at a thrift store and turning it into something awesome?  Sure there is…taking said doodad, sending it to someone you’ve never met, and having THEM turn it into something awesome!  That’s pretty much the idea behind SwapItLikeitsHot. I was so excited when my girl Charlotte from Ciburanity invited me to take part in the swap madness this go round. I loved seeing all the projects in the first swap so I was psyched to get started.



Who would be the lucky duck to draw my name, you ask? Why,  none other than Lindsay of Makely School For Girls! I gotta admit I was super nervous.  You just never know with these things. People donate some crazy ish. You hope for the best, but really you could end up with a 6 legged rhinoceros lamp or something like that to work with.  Thankfully for me I didn’t end up with a rhinoceros lamp.  I received a wooden bowl.


When I received it I knew right away what Id do with it. It was just begging to be a hanging planter. I’ve loved String of Pearls plants for many years and always wanted one in our home.  This was the perfect opportunity to make that happen.


This was such an easy project.  Matter of fact, I’m not even sure you can call this a tutorial. I went back and forth over whether I wanted to make a macramé style hanger or not, and in the end I chose a slightly different approach.  Here’s what I used to pull it together.


I originally planned to spray the chain copper, but changed my mind halfway through and swapped it out for black chain instead. I started by taping off the area I wanted to keep the natural wood tone. Then I drilled 3 holes in the sides for the S hooks with a small drill bit.


Next I drilled some drainage holes in the bottom and gave it a spray with several coats of copper spray paint.  I also sprayed the S hooks.



After allowing it to dry I planted the plant, attached the S hooks and chain and hung her up. Like I said, doesn’t even qualify as a tutorial.  So easy and so inexpensive.



As of right now its living in the kitchen, but I’m about 99% sure itll end up outdoors on the patio or porch

Thank you so much Lindsay for such a great swap item. The potential for a hot random mess was stressin me out big time. My swap buddy was Jessica of Décor Adventures.  Make sure you head over and see what she did with the goodies I bestowed upon her. I’m really hoping she doesn’t hate me for life for what I sent. Jessica, I heart you sweets!  I cant wait to see what she did with it.   And while you’re at it, pop in and take a look at all the upcyled projects this go round.

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Thank you so much again Charlotte for having me. And thanks for getting Snoop Dogg stuck in my head for the rest of the day! Happy Monday loves.  Until next time….


All images via Shavonda Gardner

Master Bedroom Progress

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday loves. Lets talk about our master bedroom situation for a second, shall we? This room was THE room I was riding on to convince Naomi this house could work for us.  It’s the reason I called this little bungalow The Wild Card during our house hunt.  Here’s the space we started with…




Heck, it’s not a bedroom at all, technically.  It’s an addition that became part of the house many years after the 40s when the rest of the property was built. It’s a generous size, considering the age of the home, and I knew with a little imagination we could make it work as our bedroom.  We put absolutely no work at all into our bedroom in the last house so I wanted to make it a priority to do so here.

First order of business was to figure out some sort of closet situation in here. We looked into several options, but in the end, the PAX closet solutions gave us the biggest bang for our buck. We used the Pax Planner Tool to customize a system specific to the dimensions of our given space and our needs/wants.


Our ceilings in this room vary from just under 7 ft in some areas to over 9 ft in others, including along the wall where the closets are.  Because of this we had to go with the 79 1/8″ high frames.


We were able to squeeze in three 39″ frames and one 29″ frame into the space which essentially created a wall to wall custom closet that provides more than enough storage for our clothes. Since Naomi has waaaaay more shoes and clothes than I do, I was happy allotting more space to her.  She even has an entire unit just for her shoes


The ceiling height in this corner allowed for the 93″ high unit so we went with that to take advantage of more storage. Her shoes are all in place now, but she has literally no extra space so we’ve implemented a one in/one out rule for her.  We are downsizing after all!

We haven’t quite decided what we are going to do for doors, if we do anything at all. We are actually really enjoying the open look. We like having everything within view and super accessible. If we do opt to enclose them, we will likely go with a curtained look.


As far as the rest of the room, we have the perfect amount of space for our bed and pair of small night stands.


We had a purge sale this past weekend and ended up selling our night stands inadvertently.  We posted our previous bedroom furniture on CL and they happened to be in the photo, but not for sale. Someone really wanted them so we parted with them since I planned to replace them eventually anyway. We’ve only got about 21″ on either side of the bed for night stands/side tables, so it may take me while to find a solution given such minimal dimensions. We got our new bed from Wayfair during a daily deal flash sale for $304 including free shipping and an online coupon.  It’s all about splurge and save, and this was a definite save in this space. (I can’t find the bed on the site anymore, so it may be discontinued, or no longer available.)


Our curtains are rigged up with hooks so we should probably hang a rod and get them properly hung…one day.  Also, still to do includes, get a rug, a few more pillows, get some patterned curtains, paint the French doors black, paint the walls, hang some art, find a bedside table solution , get lamps, come up with a prettier extra storage solution for on top of the closets, get a tall dressing mirror, move the computer to a different space in the house, get a bigger bench or settee for the foot of the bed, and get a bedroom door. The door will be taken care of as part of the dining room makeover, so that should be happening sooner that later.

We’ll get it all done eventually.  For now, I just feel accomplished knowing we have a place to put all our clothes. Small victories, guys…small victories. The PAX systems came in at just over $1500 including tax and all customizations. It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t nearly as expensive as some of the other custom solutions we were quoted. This was the definite splurge in our room, and I’m happy we did it. A great storage system was key to making this space really work for us, so it was money very well spent.

Happy Weekend friends. Until next time….


PS. The winner of the Rugs USA giveaway is Joy Tucker! Congrats love. Look for an email from me soon. Thank you so much to everyone who entered.





Fall In Love Room Makeover Collaboration

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday friends. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Today Im happy to announce a fabulous collaboration Im excited to be part of…

Fall-in-Love-graphic-1 (1)The basic gist is we all choose a room in our homes that needs a little attention, and over the next 6 weeks we will paint, primp, and DIY it into a space we love.  For this challenge I’ve chosen to makeover our dining room.


Other than going from three bathrooms down to one, the dining room has been the area affected most by the downsize.  Our last house had 2 large dining areas (one we never used), while the bungalow has only one teeny tiny dining space. Thankfully we already had a smaller table on hand because our last one was much too large for this space.  Its found a new home with one of our sweet neighbors who happened to be in the market for a large white table that could seat 10-12.

Needless to say this area is a definite challenge since it has to function in the exact same way (perhaps even more) as our previous dining room in half the space. Though I don’t quite have a specific design plan in place just yet, here’s what I’m planning:

  1. Replace the table. I’m sticking with the round shape because it just makes more sense in the space. It’s all about maximizing every inch in this room.   It also will allow for a little better flow from the adjoining bedroom and kitchen.
  2. Create separation from the master bedroom. Our bedroom is right off the dining room, which isn’t a problem at all. Not having a door between the rooms is. I’ve envisioned a sliding door since the first time I saw the house.
  3. Get a rug
  4.  Spruce up the built ins
  5. Nix the ceiling fan
  6. Create a small bar area
  7. Possibly replace the chairs. Naomi has never been a fan
  8. Art

Sounds easy enough, right?! I’m excited to get started. Make sure you pop in and see all the other spaces that’ll be getting some love.  I cant wait to see what everyone else has up their sleeves.

Until next time…


Oh and don’t forget to enter the Rugs USA giveaway if you haven’t done so already!  Giveaway ends on Thursday.