Small Home Big Style: A Log Cabin Retreat

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Happy Friday loves.  Callie and I are hanging out over at Julia’s today so make sure you pop in to get your fill of  puppy goodness.

Today I’m here to share the small space living story of one of my favs in blogland. Gwen, aka The Makerista, is fabulous, gorgeous, and really down to earth.  She’s the kinda person people just want to be around, and really why wouldn’t they?! She’s got a great eye, impeccable style, and the cutest darned kids to boot!

Gwen and her family recently sold their home and are currently living in a tiny cabin on her families property while she and her husband build their next home. She took a moment to share with us how she lives and loves in her small space.

The Makerista-Cabin-Office-Desk

The Makerista-Cabin-Kitchen-Farmhouse-Sink

The Makerista-Cabin-Kitchen-Cabinet-White-Pottery

The Cabin-Bedroom-Dresser


The Makerista-4th of July-IMG_4724

Where/What city do you live in? Outside of Kansas City, MO

Who do you share your home with?  That’s kind of a tricky question. We are building a home and currently living in a pre-civil war log cabin on my in-laws property. While my husband, our black lab, and I sleep in the cabin every night, our two children sleep in my in-laws house. I go get them every morning and bring them to the cabin and then take them back to tuck them in at night. It allows us to have more space in the cabin. Anyone with kids knows all about the “stuff.”

Do you own or rent?  Rent-free renters.

How many sq ft is your home?  950

What do you love most about small space living?  I love the simplicity of it. It takes me about 20 minutes to clean the whole place. We are also out in the country, so it’s relatively peaceful and quite beautiful. And the character of the cabin itself: the logs and the elements my in-laws have added, are really neat too.

What challenges have you faced?  Our challenges have been more due to the fact that we’re living in a 200-year-old home in the country. I’ve faced spiders the size of my hand, more wasps than I’ve ever seen in my life, and a snake. I think for me the biggest challenges have been not having 90% of our things (they’re in storage while we build) and it’s been a challenge to decorate a space that isn’t necessarily my style. But, to me, that has been a good challenge.

Any unique storage solutions?  I don’t know that I have anything out of the ordinary, but it’s definitely stretched my idea of wants vs. needs. I no longer buy kleenex’s, good toilet paper works just fine, and I’m more intentional about all purchases: only buying the food we need for a week or so, making sure everything has a function or is just something I can’t live without looking at.

What’s your favorite room in your home?  There’s not a door in the place, so it’s technically one big room I suppose, but I think my favorite space is the bedroom. There are only 4 spaces: the kitchen, the living area, the bedroom, and the bathroom and it’s the only one that gets good light all day long. I wouldn’t recommend putting your workspace in your bedroom, but light is important for me, and it works well for our circumstances.

Do you ever wish you had more space?  Sometimes, but mainly I wish for more storage. I don’t really need more space to live, I need more space for my treasures. Or junk, as my husband might call it.

Best piece of small space living advice?  It seems kind of cliché, but the idea that everything must be beautiful or functional, and preferably both, has felt very real. Especially with the character of the cabin, it can easily get cluttered. I’ve learned to let the walls (literally) speak for themselves because they are so beautiful, and keep everything else pretty minimal.

What a great perspective, right!  I think its so wonderful that she and her hubby have a preverbial love nest to themselves.  I mean, how amazing to have such a solid support system in her family.  I love what she says about not wanting more space, but rather more storage. I also couldnt agree more about only buying the groceries that are necessary and bringing in only the things you feel you cant live without.

Since we downsized into to the cottage thats been my mindset with purchases. Its been hard as hell, BUT, it keeps me honest and ensures that we create a home with both beauty and intention. When we had a huge pantry we felt the need to fill it up.  We wasted so much food which translates into us wasting a ton of money.  Now we meal plan and purchase what we will eat during the week.  I’ve calculated it and realize we not only spend less this way, we don’t waste food and we eat healthier.  It’s just another benefit of our downsizing journey.

Thank you so much Gwen for sharing a bit of your life with us today. Your humble cabin is absolutely beautiful. Im curious to know though…now that you’re living in a small space and with your thoughts on the subject, will this have an effect on your new home build? Maybe you decided on less space than you originally intended? Either way, I know your home will be beyond beautiful.

Have a happy weekend friends. Until next time…



One For Me, One For You: Modern Masters Front Door Paint

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The weekend’s almost here my friends, so let’s celebrate with a giveaway!  Its the perfect weather for a painting project I think, and what could be more fun than giving your front door (or any door for that matter) a new life with a coat of fresh color!  Modern Masters is gonna hook one of you up with some of their amazing Front Door Paint in the color of your choice! You could go Cheerful like me


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No matter what you’d like your door so say, Modern Masters has you covered.  Enter using the rafflecopter entry form below. Good Luck my friends!

Tomorrow Ill be back to share another great small space feature with you. Until next time….



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Organize Me Pretty

Hi Everyone!



Happy Friday my friends.  Well now, look at that lineup, eh!  Organize Me Pretty is the inspiration brainchild of the talented Ursula of Home Made By Carmona, and I’m both intimidated as heck, and honored to be part of it.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ursula at Haven this year and Im so glad I did.  She is so sweet and  I just love her home.

Ok yall, so here’s the deal.  You see that group of ladies up there?  Yeah…. umm… they’ve all got their stuff together in a majorly beautiful way.  The last couple weeks have been inspiration overload and I cant wait to apply some of their tips into my own space. Im feeling a little outta my league here.  As most of you know, almost every room in our house is either mid renovation or has boxes piled in a corner that still need to be unpacked. For those of you joining me for the first time, let me catch you up to speed.  We recently sold our newer construction builder basic  4 bed 3 ba house and downsized in to a little old  2 bed 1 ba cottage bungalow built sometime in the early 1940s. We are still trying to get our bearings so needless to say there aren’t very many organized spaces around these parts as of yet!

Downsizing has been an absolutely amazing experience so far, and I couldn’t be happier with our decision. Small space living has always had a special place in my heart and Ive embraced our smaller quarters with a happy heart and an open mind.  We cut our square footage in half in the move and the entryway was affected more than any other space..well aside from the dining room. In our previous house we had 2 entry areas…The main front door entry, and our daily entry off the garage through the laundry room.  The bungalow has one entry. Through the front door. And its tiny.  In fact, its more of a pass through/nook rather with no dedicated foyer are and then you’re immediately in the living room.


Having two school age kids, a dog, and an ever revolving door for friends and neighbors, this tiny space is like Grand Central Station.  Its functionality is the key to smooth mornings and decent first impressions.  I’m a major maximalist, but I’m working really hard to keep it as clutter free as possible, so this area is pretty paired down as far as decorating goes

A small plant, lamp, simple leaning art, and a bowl to corral keys are pretty much all that fits atop the shoe cabinet.




Inside the top drawer mail is kept out of sight and  a small basket holds our puppies essentials.




The top shoe cubby holds me and Naomi’s shoes. This is where we keep what we currently grab to wear on pretty much a daily basis to run errands, etc.  These get rotated out as the seasons change. All of our other shoes (heels, boots, etc) are in our room closet.




The lower cubby is for the kids.  Same thing applies here….cleats, shin guards, flip flops, quick slide on shoes live here. School shoes and the like are kept in their room closets.

Again, it’s not glamorous, but its a breath of fresh air to have an area that functions so well.  Especially when its the first and last area of the house you encounter as you enter and exit.

Another small bit of organizing I’ve tackled is with my magazines. Im crazy obsessed with glossies.  Pinterest is amazing, but Ill forever be faithful to my monthly editions.  I typically keep them in small stacks throughout….on the coffee table, in bookcases, on the desk, on the nightstand…Drives Naomi bananas!



DSC_0582 (2)

Lets see… my kitchen is a hot mess, Im missing cabinet fronts, a section of countertop, our bedroom is missing a door, and my poor sons room has color swatches painted all over his ceilings, but Ive got my magazines! #priorities. Don’t judge.

Speaking of kitchens, that was was one of my favorite spaces in our previous home.


Im on  #teamopenshelving and having everything neatly within arms reach was so wonderful.  We’ve incorporated open shelving into our bungalow kitchen as well, and I cant wait to get it completed.

We are enjoying the process of living small, and though organization has never really been my strength, Im embracing it. Make sure you all check out the other organized spaces on the tour. They’re really good guys.


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Have a fabulous weekend loves. Until next time…